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Nice to meet you, let's change the world.

Theatrical Intimacy for Actors 

Equitable Theatrical Contract Building 

Consent-based Theatre Culture

Acting Coaching

Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Violence Sensitivity Reader

Classics, Shakespeare, and Mythology

Bespoke Workshops for Theatre Companies

Olivia Buntaine (she/her) believes in theatre, poetry, and prose that brings everyone to the table - starting with those of us who haven't been invited. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Project Nongenue - a theater company which centralizes the voices of women and marginalized identities in the classical canon. Based in New York and Los Angeles, she is chasing the artistic creation of liberation after violence. Classically trained as an actor through the British American Drama Academy, Olivia now finds more opportunities for trouble-making on the other side of the table - working as a director, writer, and intimacy director. Her artistic practice lives in reinventing the stories western society is steeped in by placing marginalized folks at the center of them, digging up dead roots and replanting narrative seeds of revolution, and creating a few new myths along the way. Olivia has a Bachelors from Scripps College in American Studies: Race and Social Justice, and a Masters from the New School in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. She currently works at the Onassis Foundation in Manhattan - writing, teaching, and directing when she should probably be asleep.

to make some trouble with Olivia, reach out here.

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