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Trained through Intimacy Directors International and by IDC's Jessica Steinrock, Olivia Buntaine choreographs unconventional and creative intimacy scenes through a pedagogical lens of intersectionality, trauma-informed care and the investigation of power and privilege. She is especially skilled at navigating scenes of intimate violence, sex and power, and fantastical hyper-stylized moments of intimacy.

Selected Intimacy Direction Credits

Grand Canyon Pussy / Sorority Theater Projects 

The Smell of Something to Eat / Theater of Note
Deadpan / Theater of Note 
The Tragedy of Medusa /  Son of Semele
Queer Burlesque  /  The Commons Theater Collective 
What You Will  /  The Actor’s Company 
Hot Tragic Dead Thing /  The Blank Theater 
Mama Mama  /  Coin and Ghost  

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