Olivia Buntaine believes in theater that brings everyone to the table - starting with those of us who haven't been invited. Using ensemble-based and consent-focused pedagogy, Olivia makes work about power, privilege, violence and love. She has a soft spot for classical theater, but loves bringing the gravity she learned from ancient texts to devised and contemporary work as well. Find her most of the time at her current home, as the Artistic Director and Founder of Project Nongenue.


  • Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare, Associate Director, Theatricum Botanicum Young Reparatory, 2015

  • Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Project Nongenue, Echo Park Garden Gallery, 2017

  • Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, Project Nongenue, The Lounge Theater, 2018

  • Trojan Women by Euripides, Project Nongenue, Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2018

  • Winner of the Fringe Encore Award and Nominee for Best Ensemble Piece

  • Grand Canyon P*ssy (or How to be Queer in Utah) by Anna Renee Winget, Sorority Theater Projects, Lyric-Hyperion Theater, 2018

  • Medea: A Soliloquy or The Death of Medea by Constance Strickland, Theater Roscius, Human Resources, 2019

  • The Tragedy of Medusa (original work), Project Nongenue, Son of Semele, 2019

  • What You Will (or Twelfth Night), Project Nongenue, The Actor’s Company, 2019, A Noise Within, 2020


Olivia Buntaine is an award-winning playwright and poet. She focuses on themes of consent, queerness, girlhood and power.


  • Surviving: A Love Story (2015)

    • Winner of the Ruth George Poetry Prize

    • Los Angeles Women's Theater Runner Up

  • The Tragedy of Medusa (2018)

    • Selection for Son of Semele's Company Creation Festival




Intimacy Director

Trained through Intimacy Directors International, and mentored extensively by the founder of Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, Olivia Buntaine specializes in choreographing unconventional and creative intimacy scenes through a pedagogical lens of intersectionality and trauma-informed care.  She is especially skilled at navigating scenes of intimate violence, sex and power, and fantastical, hyper-stylized moments of intimacy


  • Grand Canyon Pussy / Sorority Theater Projects / Los Angeles 

  • Big Ones / Theater of Note / Los Angeles 

  • The Smell of Something to Eat / Theater of Note / Los Angeles 

  • Deadpan / Theater of Note /  Los Angeles 

  • The Tragedy of Medusa /  Son of Semele /  Los Angeles 

  • Queer Burlesque  /  The Commons Theater Collective  /  Los Angeles 

  • What You Will  /  The Actor’s Company  / Los Angeles 

  • Hot Tragic Dead Thing /  The Blank Theater  / Los Angeles 

  • Mama Mama  /  Coin and Ghost  / Los Angeles



  • Intimacy and Violence / Professor at Stella Adler Academy of Acting, August 2020 onward

  • Intimacy in Performance  / Assist. to Jessica Steinrock, November 10th, 2018, 1-4pm

  • Intimacy in Performance  / Assist. to Jessica Steinrock, August 26th, 2019, 10-6pm

  • Intimacy in Performance  / Assist. to Jessica Steinrock, 3 workshops and Q and A, September 5th,  2019

  • Intimacy in Performance  / Assist. to Jessica Steinrock, September 7th, 2019, 1-4pm

  • Intimacy in Performance  / Assist. to Jessica Steinrock, September 21st and 22nd, 2019, 10-6pm


  • 2020 International Intimacy Choreographers Intensive (8 Day), Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, February 2020

  • 2018 International Intimacy Choreographers Intensive  (3 Day)

  • University of Illinois,  August 3-5, 2018

  • 2018 Unofficial Apprentice Program, Intimacy Directors International

  • 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training, House of Ruth=

  • Claremont Colleges, 2014


Olivia speaks regularly on consent and dismantling rape culture, interrogating and reframing the classics, and using queer and trauma-informed lenses in intimacy direction.