Olivia Buntaine believes in theater that brings everyone to the table - starting with those of us who haven't been invited. Using ensemble-based and consent-focused pedagogy, Olivia makes work about power, privilege, violence and love. She has a soft spot for classical theater, but loves bringing the gravity she learned from ancient texts to devised and contemporary work as well.

She is a working Intimacy Director and apprentice with Intimacy Directors International.


Here's what some very bright folks have to say about her:

"Olivia Buntaine is a budding, visionary director with a unique sense of style and an eye for beautiful stage pictures. Her ability to tell stories through the precise arrangements and blocking of her large company of actors is masterful. Not to mention her capacity to handle a dated text and make it accessible to every single person in the audience." - William Lawrence, Actor, Hollywood Fringe Certified Reviewer

"Olivia is a director to watch." - Lisa K. Wyatt, Actor, Hollywood Fringe Certified Reviewer